Twins, Nationals are working on a blockbuster trade

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The franchise that brought major league baseball to the Washington DC area in 1901 (Minnesota Twins) and the franchise that moved there recently from Montreal (Washington Nationals) are meeting this weekend for a two day set of exhibition game tune up before the Twins open the season up I-95 against the Baltimore Orioles.

We hear that there are evidence of a major blockbuster trade being worked at this point between the two teams:   They are discussing swapping starting first basemen, catchers and closers.   The Twins will trade Joe Mauer, Kurt Suzuki, and Glen Perkins to the Nats for Ryan Zimmerman, Jonathan Papelbon and Wilson Ramos.

Twins' GM, Terry Ryan, was not available for comment, but his second in command, Rob Antony, has been witnessed talking to himself in the hotel hallway about eradicating some sort of curse and uttering the words "Bill Smith", "caps" and "proven".

More updates as they come.
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