The Twins Trade Kevin Correia to the Dodgers and get...

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...exactly the same when they traded Jim Thome (who was traded the next season for not one but 2 minor leaguers, one of whom looks like a decent reliever) within the division to the Cleveland Indians:

...exactly the same when traded Jamey Carroll within the division to the Kansas City Royals last season:

Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. 

At least he is not taking a spot on the rotation blocking younger pitchers any longer, he was not trading within the division (even though on Correia's case that might had been a good thing) and this move has suggested that Rob Antony does not always say the truth.  (Hopefully Willinghman is next.)

The Twins (who are on pace for about 90 losses in 2014) will recall LHP Tommy Milone (of Sam Fuld trade fame) to take Correia's spot on the 25-man roster and the rotation.

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